Holley Stock port 13B 76-78 (465cfm carb) Discontinued

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Holley has discontinued the carburetor used in this kit. The kit is no longer available.

We offer the popular Racing Beat-modified High Performance Holley Intake System Kit for the 1974-1985 13B 4 Port, stock port  (non-ported) engines. Our Racing Beat -modified Holley Intake Systems, manufactured for more than 30 years, have established themselves as an ideal way to increase the horsepower of the 13B rotary engine at a very economical price. With an open header installed in conjunction with the Holley Intake System on the engine, power gains of 40 HP are typical.

Racing Beat’s High Performance Holley Intake System Kit has proven over the years to be an extremely reliable carburetor upgrade, with very “streetable” engine smoothness and drivability characteristics. Fuel economy is comparable to the stock carburetor under similar driving conditions.

One of most significant benefits of this complete ready-to-go kit is that is takes all the guesswork, trial-and-error, and frustration out of attempting to assembly your own intake kit! We’ve taken over 40 years of our rotary engine experience and know-how and combined it for you in this complete, ready-to-install kit. Our intake kits has been thoroughly developed and tested using our in-house engine dyno to ensure maximum performance for each specific engine application.

The heart of each intake system is a performance-proven Holley carburetor. Depending on the requirements of each specific application, the carburetor is disassembled by Racing Beat’s carburetor technicians then reworked, retuned, and reconfigured specifically for use with a designated rotary engine application. This process is not a simple “re-jetting” project, but a complex series of steps requiring machining, drilling and reconfiguring of the main and metering bodies, adjustment of the float bowls, and complete replacement of all jets.

Complete Kit – Ready to Install
Each comprehensive package includes a Racing Beat cast-aluminum high-rise intake manifold with a vacuum source for power brakes, a Racing Beat-modified Holley carburetor (465 CFM), Racing Beat Power Pulse Air Filter Canister with foam filter, throttle and metering oil pump linkages, and appropriate gaskets. All emissions control fittings are eliminated. This carburetor includes a vacuum-operated choke.

Note: Installation of this kit requires use of a high performance fuel pump delivering 6 psi @ 20 gph.



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