This list is what we call “typical” parts needed to install a 48IDA Weber on a Rotary engine. Pick your manifold, choke size, emulsion tubes, jets, etc. — each part is as an “active” link you can click on – goes direct to the part (except the JEGS links at the bottom)- that you can then add to your cart. The linkage pieces are ONLY for the manifold orientation with the “closer” pair of base bolts/studs TOWARD the engine.

We also like to keep it simple by using a distributor from an 81-85 RX7 (we usually have used ones available — call us), MSD6AL’s from Jegs (need 2) and MSD coils (2) also from Jegs.

When timing a Rotary you NEED a timing light that has a “Rotary” or 2-Stroke switch!! We prefer one we buy from EBAY. Do a search on our website for ES-125.

We have MANY other Weber parts all listed at Mazdatrix Weber Parts

C-WEBER-48IDACarb1These are the ones WITH the extra “progression” holes
Intake Manifold – Choose yours16493 – 13B 6-PORT 86-92*
16492 – 84-85 13B 6-PORTS*
16494 – 86-92 Turbo*
16484 – Early 13B 4-PORT
16495 – 93-95 13B Engines*
16482 – 12A
1Some have carb base gaskets, most do not.
NONE come with intake manifold gasket.
* These do not have a hole for the brake servo vacuum outlet – you need to drill and tap for a fitting.
Fuel Inlet – You Choose99301.380 – WEBER INLET FITTING for 8mm (5/16″) push on hose
30606-M12D -AN -6 TO WEBER 12MM
(For this fitting you also need:
357-12MM-STAT -Seal
Whichever Intake Gasket you needIntake Manifold Gaskets
Air Filter and Canister56-12101Chrome Canister + K&N Filter
Throttle CableFA01-41-6601Actually 81-85 12A – fits carb linkage and about any Rotary car
Shaft Lever w/pin stopMAT460-L1Special piece we have make for us (thinner to allow more thread on shaft)
Shaft Lever for Throttle Cable 44614.041Fits the end of the 12A throttle cable and most pedals and firewall hole
Base Gasket 99005.0352Check manifold picture to see if it includes the gaskets
Stud for carb-to-manifoldAV119814Check manifold picture to see if it includes the studs
Intake Manifold to Engine Stud250-8-302 or 6Longer Stud needed for Manifold to Engine
Manifold Nut967-NUT4We really like these 8×1.25 nuts that use a 10MM wrench – easier to get to them
Float Needle and Seat (3.0)79504.3001Rotary engines need a LOT of gas – this is the largest float needle currently available
Choke / VenturiPick Your Size2We list from 36mm to 46mm
Main / Fuel JetPick Your Size2We list from .085 to .240
Air JetPick Your Size2We list from .100 to .230
Emulsion Tube614502We generally prefer the F8 — others prefer others
Heat Shield162191VERY good to have
Throttle Cable Stay444.00SS1Makes hooking the cable up MUCH easier
—Parts we buy elsewhere —
Carter Fuel Pump – low pressure – Buy from Jegs180-P4600HP
Aeromotive low pressure regulator – Buy from Jegs027-13205
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