The 2nd and 3rd generation turbos, and exhaust manifolds, are very prone to cracking. This is simply due to the incredible heat generated.

Below are a few images of what we see in our service department. There is a VERY large “gray” area of what can be reused, and what should be replaced. The manifold price is not too bad, but the turbo(s) are very expensive.

If yours is cracked, and you are having problems with blowing gaskets, then you better replace it/them.

These are also a good example of why we do not offer “rebuilts”. We could never find a supplier who could guarantee he would have a continual supply of non-cracked cores. They all wanted a “rebuildable” core, which we could not “know” until the customers unit had been sent back in. This could be a month after we had already sent him the rebuilt one. We also refused to send out “rebuilt” units that had cracks in them — customers (rightly) would not want them.

This is the “face” of the turbo unit (86-92 type) that needs to be inspected.
Closer shot of cracking.
These cracks in the upper area are going to greatly increase the chances (probability?) of gasket blowing.
Remember – cracks never get smaller. This one across the bridge is pretty bad.
These cracks in the manifold make this one very questionable. Definitely puts it in the “no warranty on gasket life” group.
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