WPC Treatment Eccentric Shaft, Friction Only
Treatment Only.  Part not included.



Mazdatrix is pleased to announce our newest service available, WPC Treatment. While used on our race motors in the 2007 season with great success, we have decided to spread the success on to you! WPC is a proven treatment process that has been used for many years in Japan whereby ultra fine particles of various media are fired at high velocity towards the surface of a product. The thermal discharge that takes place upon impact permanently changes the surface of the metal by compaction and creates a harder, more durable final product.
Magnified Images of Surface Roughness. The fine grooves, that are intrinsically engraved into the product surface at the time of machining, are transformed into micro-dimple indentations by the impact of the ultra-fine media during WPC treatment. These dimples then act as oil reservoirs. Thus, oil that would normally drain away, through the grooves in an untreated product, when pressure is applied, is instead retained in the dimples of a WPC treated product. This helps to keep the surface lubricated. Furthermore, solid lubricants such as Tin (Sn) and/or Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) can be utilized as media in the WPC process to embed them into the product surface. This reduces friction and improves the life and efficiency of the product to an even greater level.
The ultra-fine media of the WPC process, when projected at high velocity towards the product surface, creates compressive stress at the impact points. At the same time, a micro thermal reaction takes place. It effectively seals minor surface fractures. It also allows a condensed surface to form that has improved density due to compaction. This altered and highly compact surface condition overcomes the problem of brittleness, that is usually encountered when metals are hardened. The numerous impacts during the WPC process not only increase the residual compressive stress but also cause it to reside a lot closer to the surface. The cumulative result is a product that has a durability unrivalled by conventional peening methods.



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