Window Seal, 79-85 Inner (Sold Individually)

These seals are made for us.
We did extensive testing with the manufacturer.  We really did ship them a PAIR of doors for their initial design / fitting.
They then shipped us a pair for testing on doors HERE. — THEY FIT GREAT ! — AS GOOD AS THE OEMS.

SKU: 58-7910-8871-MZ
Manufacturer SKU: 8871-58-791-MZ


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  1. kyo787 (verified owner)

    Way better than what came off the car. Like the window run channels, the fuzzy material makes me curious on long term durability, but they seem up to the task and will still likely outperform worn old factory parts.

    Installation is simple with a little fussing depending on your doors and such. Mine seemed a little too long but I just had to make sure they were as far to the rear as they’d go and push them back while installing the first half foot or so, then they fit snugly but well.

    There are some tips and tricks like making sure that the lower flaps overhang the metal lip inside the door properly and if yours are too hard or too easy to place or remove, you may need to bend the metal channels in the doors these a lot into to achieve a reasonable but firm pressure.

    I ordered these with the outers as two pairs of two, and none came labeled with part numbers or.. any writing. That might be a one off thing, but even without the originals it should be pretty obvious looking at the seals and the car which goes where. If you’re really stuck, the pictures on this site for the products show what they look like- so not the end of the world.

    Along with the usual suspects of the power window switches, adjustment, and cleaning and lubing- replacing the window seals can often really help improve the behavior of the windows on the first gens, and it helps with noise and weather penetration too.

    Glad to have a good quality and reasonably priced option like this.

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