Exhaust 13B Race Port Template, 74-95 All Turbo and Non-Turbo

Actual template shown in photo.

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The Racing Beat “Race” Exhaust Port Templates for all 13B peripheral port exhaust rotary engines allow you to undertake your own exhaust porting efforts.  The race version of these templates open the exhaust port further “upwards”, increasing the port timing duration which results in more intake-exhaust overlap and better high RPM performance.

The Racing Beat laser-cut aluminum porting templates are patterned after their own original master templates. Designed and refined over decades by Racing Beat’s legendary engine builder and co-founder Jim Mederer, this exhaust port template gives you a powerful resource to assist you in your engine upgrade project.

Incredibly easy to use, simply mark the template position as instructed, spray the exhaust port area with marking dye, hold the template in position (we use a simple hand clamp or a office paper clamp), and then scribe the new port shape onto the housing. It’s really that easy.

Porting Effort
During your porting effort we suggest you stay within the boundary of our template shape. This shape has been designed to yield excellent results for a broad range of engine building applications. However, you can certainly get more aggressive with porting efforts beyond the template line, you must then use your own judgment and expertise as a guide.

Actual template shown in photo.



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