TCS Under Car Brace Kit, RX8
This Part Is No Longer Available


Due to its “freedom” door design, RX-8’s chassis is subject to a lot of flexing under hard driving and cornering. Without proper bracing, the body twist will cause improper suspension alignment and reduce the handling of the vehicle.

TC Sportline member brace system is made specifically for the 2004 and up Mazda RX-8. The system consists of 4 braces that are designed to support the various “weak spots” along the entire chassis. The steel constructed braces have pre-drilled anchors that are designed to bolt onto the RX-8’s chassis. All the braces are powder coated in red to form an attractive and durable protective layer. With the braces installed, it will greatly increase the rigidity of the chassis and reduce flex under aggressive driving. As the result, the vehicle will handle better and be much more responsive when cornering.



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