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Rear Suspension Upright Toe Eliminator – On the 1986-92 RX-7s Mazda introduced the Dynamic Tuned Suspension System (DTSS). DTSS allows each wheel to steer by itself based on how many Gs of cornering force the outside wheel is generating. In stock form, cornering forces operating on the rear upright caused up to approximately 1 degree of toe-in on the outside wheel in a turn. This automatic adjustment feature is intended to compensate for driver input or road variations that might cause a vehicle to lose stability during cornering. However, this same characteristic also interferes with the feedback that a sensitive driver needs to operate his car near the limit of adhesion and generally reduces the ultimate cornering force.

Our Racing Beat Toe Eliminator – a rigid joint that replaces the stock rubber joint – provides a perceptible improvement in feedback to the driver. There is no longer a need to modulate inputs based on the constantly fluctuating elastic joint output. The kit consists of two (2) rigid plastic sleeves and two (2) steel bushings which should be installed with the aid of a hydraulic press or a large vise. No re-alignment is necessary after installation.

Bolts to use with these Toe Eliminators #FB01-26-136



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