Racing Beat Front & Rear Spring Set, 93-95 RX7
Lowers Car approx. .67″ front, 1.35″ rear

SKU: 14083

Racing Beat has designed suspension coil springs that are suitable for a street or track use. This complete set of front and rear suspension springs were designed specifically for the 1993-95 RX-7 by Racing Beat’s engineering staff. Ideally suited for use with either the OEM shocks, or your favorite aftermarket units, these springs interchange exactly with the stock springs on the RX-7.

These 1993-95 RX-7 springs will provide a front and rear drop of approximately .75 inch (front) and 1.5 inch (rear). The spring rates are as follows: front – 260, rear – 212. This equates to a 7 percent increase over the stock rates.

If your car is still running on the original shocks, it is certainly time to consider a replacement! We do not suggest installing aftermarket performance-based springs on a set of tired high mileage shocks, as this may produce a “springy” and bouncy ride. If you prefer to keep the ride quality of your car more “stock like”, you may wish to replace your old shocks with a set of Mazda units, or an equivalent set of aftermarket OEM style replacements. However, if you wish to noticeably improve the handling performance of your car, combine a set of new springs with a set of aftermarket Tokico or Koni performance shocks. Although the ride quality will become noticeably firmer, the handling improvements will be a much-welcomed improvement.



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