Megan Racing Rear Toe Links, 93-95 

SKU: MEG-6317

The Mazda RX7 (FD3S) has always been the Mazda s High-Performance machine since it s earlier generations. The Front-Engine Rear-Wheel drive platform handles like a dream while the Powerful light-weight rotary engine screams to the High-RPM s and powers the RX7 with ease.

A well-balanced machine that is designed for the street but is formidable at the race track as well was still designed conservatively. But for those who push the limits and take every ounce of potential from their vehicles, the stock power and handling needs the ability to be fine tuned to perfection.

Megan Racing has developed our Control Arms for the RX7. Constructed of a Lightweight yet strong Steel-Alloy, they are perfectly suited for competition purposes that can withstand the extremes of track-driving while still being suitable for the daily driver.

These Toe-Control Arms adjust the Toe In/Out of the rear axle. This has a great effect upon the straight-line stability of the car and how easily the car will rotate as well as the stability of a turn or drift.

Specifications & Features:

Bolt-hole diameter: 3/8″ ID
Minimum Arm Length: 8 3/4″
Maximum Arm Length: 10 1/4″

– High-Strength Steel Alloy
– 3-Stage Powdercoating Process
– Adjustable Length for Toe Adjustment.
– Self-Lubricating Pillowball End-Links



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