Rear Camber Adjusting Rod, 86-92 Racing Beat
One required per car

SKU: 14008

The Rear Suspension Camber Adjuster for the 1986-1992 RX-7 is an adjustable link that replaces the stock, fixed-length link to allow moderate rear camber changes by tilting the rear suspension subframe. The immediate range of adjustment is .60 degrees less negative camber to .77 degrees more negative camber. With careful inspection and possibly some minor dimpling of the floor pan, this range can be nearly doubled. After installation, adjustments to camber are quickly made. There is virtually no toe change with this adjustment.

This component utilizes the stock Mazda link and is modified by Racing Beat for this application. Although there are other aftermarket heim-joint versions of this link on the market, the Mazda factory link provides better dampening than the more rigid heim-joint versions and is better suited for use on street or daily-driven cars.



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