Camber Adjuster Rod, 86-92 Aluminum Left/Right Threads
One required per car

SKU: 04-7421-0000
Manufacturer SKU: 0000-04-7421

The rear camber can be adjusted in different manners on the 86-92’s. By pulling up or pushing down on the rear subframe where the original equipment vertical link is located, negative camber can be reduced or increased. This method changes both wheels an equal amount. Part #14008 has threads in the center of the assembly and requires removing the bolt from one end of the link to adjust the length. The subframe is then pushed or pulled to align with the new length and re-install the bolt. Part Number 04-7421-0000 allows adjustment without having to remove the link by incorporating heim joints, left and right-hand threads, with jam nuts. One link required per car.



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