Racing Beat Rear Sway Bar 93-95, Tubular

SKU: 14106

1993-95 RX-7 Rear Sway Bar – Racing Beat-designed adjustable Rear Sway Bar provides a matched balance for the performance of the RB front sway bar. This high-strength 4130 chrome-moly 3/4″ OD tubular rear bar includes urethane bar bushings and OEM-style retaining clamps, which prevent lateral movement of the bar during heavy loads. The front and rear sway bar combination that we’ve offered for the 93-95 RX-7 has been extremely popular over the years and still proves to be a strong seller!


Stock Rear Bar:
1993- 17.3mm OD/12.19mm ID Tubular
1994- 13.8mm OD/12.19mm ID Tubular
1995- 15.9mm OD/12.19mm ID Tubular

Racing Beat Bar: 19.05mm OD/9.53 ID Tubular

Increase in stiffness as compared with the stock bar is as follows:

1993- 1.83 times as stiff (83% stiffer than stock)
1994- 3.63 times as stiff (263% stiffer than stock)
1995- 2.95 times a stiff as (195% stiffer than stock)

14106 Rear SwayBar Installation Instructions



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