Racing Beat Front Sway Bar Mount Brace Kit.

SKU: 14120

The Front Sway Bar Mount Brace Kit effectively stiffens the mounting points for the front sway bar, utilizing the steering rack mounts, to both optimize front suspension performance and reduce the possibility of cracking the front sway bar mounts as a result of repeated hard cornering.

While the stock sway bar mounting brackets are well-suited for street use, aggressive driving can severely stress and weaken these simple mounts, resulting in fatigue and cracking of the mount. Removal and replacement of these mounts is hardly a fun task, the Racing Beat Brace Kit offers a simple and effect form of insurance against the failure of these mounts.

Shown in the photo mounted above the sway bar, this brace is designed to accommodate both the stock sway bar as well as virtually all aftermarket sway bars being offered. The brace features laser-cut end flanges and tubular steel bar stock and comes finished-coated with a durable, white powder coating. This easy-to-install component has been extremely popular over the years for good reason.. it just plain works!

14120 Brace Kit Installation Instructions



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