Racing Beat Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links with 10mm Studs, 04-11 RX8 

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Adjustable Sway Bar End Links – Rear
04-11 RX8

Racing Beat Sway Bar End Link Set for all 2006-2015 MX-5 and 2004-2011 RX-8 REAR sway bar applications.

For decades Racing Beat End Link sets have set the standard for use on select Mazda applications. While early Miata and RX-7 applications allowed them to use a simple through-bolt style end link housings, later applications required the use a heim-joint or ball-joint style housing to allow for a great range of motion. While “heim-joint” links can range from inexpensive, mass produced versions up to expensive race/aircraft quality components, they both offer excellent steering feedback but they can also be rather harsh, unforgiving, and can be prone to fatigue related failure. Another alternative is a “ball-joint” style link that features a stud/ball joint that is pressed into a metal housing. These style units more commonly replicate the OE versions that come equipped on your Mazda vehicle and provide a more forgiving feel. 

Racing Beat Design
At Racing Beat, they have taken the design of the “ball joint” style link and taken it to the next level by producing an end link set that provides an excellent balance of feedback, comfort, performance and durability!

Racing Beat’s end link housing is like none other on the market today, produced from a strong forged-aluminum housing unit, and then CNC-machined to it’s unique finished shape. An upgraded ball-joint unit is pressed into place and further protected by a durable rubber cover. Racing Beat custom orders their own range of end link studs, each designed specially for it’s intended vehicle application. Easily assembled and adjusted, the Racing Beat end links have been street and track tested for decades with excellent results.

Vehicle Specific Application
These sway bar end links are direct replacements for the stock Mazda end links. The Racing Beat sway bar end link set is easily adjustable and can be used on both standard height and lowered vehicles. Can be installed using only simple hand tools.

Adjustment Range
99mm – 89mm (10mm range = approx .375″)

This link set uses a 55mm long stud – this is our shortest end linkstud.

This end link set comes complete with securing hardware and mounting instructions. Sold as a REAR pair.



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