Side Cut Two Rotors

Side cutting of two rotors for high RPM or high boost engines.


When a Rotary engine is spun to high RPM’s — say 8500+, or has a lot of boost, the rotors tend to “wobble” (for lack of a better term) and first the corner seal area hits the side housings- then more of the rotor and rotor gear will hit the side housings. Needless to say this is bad — trashes the rotors and damages the side housings.
For “race” motors we machine off anywhere from .005″ to .008″ per side to gain the extra clearance needed. Please tell us the RPM and / or boost you are going to be using.
Price does not include the rotors or return shipping to you.
We can do this to either new (which we prefer) or CLEANED used rotors — you have to clean them please.


1 review for Side Cut Two Rotors

  1. Cody

    I am wanting over 10,000 rpms for the rotary

    • Dave (NY)

      Just let us know that rpm when you send / purchase the rotors.

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