Idemitsu 4 Quarts Oil Premix Fuel Lube
Also available in these quantities:

1 Quart
2 Quarts
6 Quarts
12 Quarts (Case)


Inherently with many rotary engines, the entirety of the rotor and housing are not being sufficiently lubricated, resulting in premature wear or damage. In order to increase lubrication within the engine, Idemitsu developed Idemitsu Rotary Premix. At 1/2 oz per gallon of fuel, it is a cost effective way lubricate more of your engine and prevent premature catastrophic damage. The 1/2 oz per gallon of gas is assuming you have a functioning oil metering system. If not, then we recommend 1 oz per gallon. For boosted engines about 2 oz per gallon is recommended.

A special blend of base oils reduces deposits and subsequent exhaust port clogging. As a result, your rotary will maintain the power at which it was designed. Special detergent/dispersant additives keep your fuel injectors clean to reduce maintenance. Provides additional lubrication for apex and side seals to increase seal life and increase efficiency of engine. Special additives allow for better sealing of the chamber, creating greater efficiency and more power.

Note! Do NOT use with ethanol or ethanol based racing fuels! Normal 5-10% alcohol you get at the pumps is fine. 



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