Oil Cooler Hose Set, 09-11, RX8, Stainless

SKU: 11912

Hoses comes fully assembled, it replaces the 8 original factory oil cooler hoses with just 3 hoses.
1) engine out-to-cooler, 2) cooler-to-cooler, and 3) cooler-to-engine in.
Eliminating possible leakage areas during racing and high output applications.
Each line is pressure tested at the end of the assembly process.
Unlike earlier rotary applications, replacement of the oil lines on the RX-8 application requires substantial labor effort and is best undertaken when the engine has been removed from the vehicle. Although more challenging due to limited access, this project can be undertaken with engine in the vehicle, just allow adequate time to complete the process. With the engine in the vehicle this is an involved project that can’t be rushed! Shipped complete with all required oil lines, oil cooler and engine adaptors, bracket hardware, protective end caps, and fully detailed installation instructions.



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