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The Racing Beat REV8 “Street Legal”, Cat-Back RX-8 Exhaust System (Twin Outlet Tips) is the perfect replacement for your stock exhaust – a durable assembly offering a real horsepower gain over your stock unit. Racing Beat’s RX-8 exhaust system consists of a 304 stainless steel Racing Beat connecting-pipe, muffler canisters, tubing, flanges, and outlet tips. The replacement connecting-pipe is manufactured using 3-inch (OD) tubing and features cast stainless steel flanges for positive exhaust gas sealing. (2009-11 RX-8 exhaust systems differ with regards to the positioning of the outlet tips and are NOT compatible with earlier 2004-08 RX-8 models.)

Twin Tips
The REV8 RX-8 Exhaust system will certainly stand out from the crowd with its distinctive twin tip outlet design! A first of its kind offering for the RX-8, these highly polished stainless steel tips offer a welcome change from the standard single tip design and provide a well-balanced look to the rear of the RX-8. Mirroring the design of the new-for-2009 tail light assembly, the twin tips provide a symmetrical balance from rear facing angles, and maximizes the exhaust openings in the bumper.

Power Output
Utilizing Racing Beat’s in-house dyno test facilities, the Racing Beat engineering staff has undertaken exhaust system extensive testing with the RX-8 Renesis engine. Their research has found that simply adding a large-diameter, “straight-through” muffler is very loud, and power gains are only modest. They focused their development efforts on optimizing the power output, while maintaining a moderate, but aggressive exhaust tone.

Based upon Racing Beat’s initial test sessions, it appeared that the Mazda engineers did not leave much “untapped” horsepower behind in the stock RX-8 exhaust system. Although it appears there might be modest power gains available from a “cat-back” exhaust system, be wary of big horsepower claims from any aftermarket exhaust system.

Racing Beat’s testing has provided the following results:

Stock production engine – with muffler removed +5 HP
Stock production engine – with RB muffler + 3.5 HP
Stock production engine – with aftermarket system “A” muffler + 3.5 HP
Stock production engine – with aftermarket system “B” muffler + -1.5 HP



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