Racing Beat Power Pulse Muffler, 79-80

SKU: 16430

1979-80 RX-7 Muffler – Racing Beat has been manufacturing replacement muffler canisters for rotary powered vehicles for over 40 years. Ordinary replacement mufflers don’t stand a chance against the extreme temperatures and pounding exhaust gas pulsation generated by the rotary engine. Many of these replacement mufflers will quickly burn up the packing material and self-destruct under these harsh conditions. Many years ago RB discovered an exhaust system supplier deep in the heart of the Italian countryside that was willing to produce the RX-7 mufflers for them. That was over 30 years ago and they’ve never looked back! In fact, we can’t ever recall having a complaint with one of these mufflers, they just flat out work. Solid, strong and quiet, they hold up extremely well against the abuse of the harsh rotary exhaust.

Our Power Pulse Main RX-7 Mufflers interchange exactly with the stock RX-7 muffler on the 1979-80 chassis years. The main body of the muffler measures 8 inches in diameter and 18 inches in length. The heavy-duty construction, both internally and externally, ensures a long life. In a typical application, this muffler adds up to 5 HP over the Mazda factory muffler and is as quiet as a stock muffler with an improved note – deep and throaty, with no annoying metallic character. Emissions legal, this muffler bolts to the outlet of the connecting pipe section. Gaskets are not included, but are available separately if needed.



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