WEBER MANIFOLD IDA for 93-95 13B Engines

Racing Beat Weber IDA Manifold for 93-95 13B Engines
48/51+ IDA 1993-95 13B 4-Port Engine or any 13B engine assembled using ’93-95 “Turbo” side housings. Also for any throttle body with an IDA bolt pattern.

Note: This manifold does NOT have any hole or fitting for the brake servo hose.
If you want to use the servo then drill and tap a 1/8 NPT (pipe thread) hole somewhere convenient in the rear manifold runner (PRIOR to installation).
Use a straight or 90 degree 5/16″ (8mm) fitting.

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WEBER MANIFOLD IDA for 93-95 13B Engines

Use the 12A throttle cable for the easiest installation.

Also see our WEBER PARTS category for linkage pieces, gaskets, studs, jets, etc.



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    Weber Aftermarket 51 IDA Carburetor

    Supplied with:
    48 chokes, f7 tubes, 120 airs, 135 fuel, 0 bypass, 3.0 float needle

    Most of the IDA manifolds we list are for 48IDA’s — when used with this 51IDA they will need to be ported to match the larger bore. 

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    Be sure to look at our Weber Parts Category for many miscellaneous needed parts.
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    Weber 48IDA Carburetor
    Be sure to look at our Weber Parts Category for many miscellaneous needed parts.
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    Weber 51 IDA Carburetor Only

    Racing Beat Modifications
    Each carburetor is based on a standard Weber 48mm IDA and then extensively modified in-house by Racing Beat during the conversion process. Using tuning techniques discovered during Racing Beat’s early racing days, these same techniques and modifications are utilized in the methodical transformation of the carburetor as it enlarged to become the Racing Beat 51 IDA.

    At the start of each carburetor transformation each unit is completely disassembled and inspected. The carburetor bore is machined to the larger 51mm diameter, fitted with precision-made aluminum venturis, emulsion tubes, main and air jets, needle-and-valve, hand-crafted dual throttle plates and shaft, and enlarged diameter air horns with retaining ring.

    As delivered, the Racing Beat Weber 51mm IDA carburetor is tuned specifically for a 13B Peripheral Port engine. The Racing Beat Weber 51 IDA carburetor is also suitable for use on a number of rotary engine applications, including a 13B bridge or J-bridge ported engine, or the 12A peripheral ported engine. If the 51 IDA carb is intended for use on these engines; we offer the appropriate Weber components to properly re-tune the carb for these applications. Follow this link for a listing of tuning recommendations for various rotary engine applications. (PDF)

    Air Filtration
    When considering air filtration for the Weber carburetor you have several options. Open air horns are not recommended due to possibility of engine damage if any debris are ingested by the carburetor. A simple, effective and attractive option are to install a pair of mess air screens. These offer reasonable protection from larger objects, but lack the serious filtration properties of an air filter. The K&N Air Filter Kit is an excellent and easy-to-install option, but the height of the air horns must be trimmed due to clearance concerns within the filter housing. For a dedicated racing application we suggest the fabrication of an enclosed cold-air box. We supply a simple drawing with the instructions highlighting our suggestion for a design, your final design will vary with your application.

    Performance Comparisons
    The selection of an appropriate intake system requires that many factors be taken into consideration. Various intake systems yield different performance characteristics based upon specific engine, exhaust and driveline selections. Due to the complexities associated with these configurations, it is difficult to determine exact power gains for specific applications. Use this intake reference guide (PDF) for performance comparisons between the Weber and Holley Intake systems that we offer.

    Browse our Weber Carbs, Manifolds and Parts section

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