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Holley Manifold, 74-85 12A Bridgeport (74-85)

SKU: 16466

The Racing Beat-designed intake manifold (1-9/16″ throttle bore diameter), for the 1971-85 12A Bridge-ported engine is ideally suited to meet the performance requirements of the Holley carburetor. Designed by Chief Engineer/Engine Builder Jim Mederer, these cast aluminum intake manifolds have proven themselves in a variety of street and race applications.

All of Racing Beat’s manifolds for Holley carburetor applications are sand-cast by a local foundries and delivered to our in-house production shop for all machining and surface finishing processes. Select manifolds are then hand-ported to match a specific intake port configuration for an intended engine application. Further machining is then undertaken to match the base-plate surface to the Holley carburetor base. These critical machining steps ensure a positive fitment between both the engine surface and the carburetor base. Every manifold is then surface finished using a ball-burnishing process that enhances the final appearance of the aluminum material. Once these labor-intensive processes have been completed these manifolds look as good as they perform!

This manifold includes does not include a vacuum source for power brakes. If needed, an engine-to-manifold gasket, and/or Holley base gasket are available separately.



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