Magnetic Trans & Diff Plug
79-11 Transmission

86-11 Differential Oil Drain


SKU: MDP-M18X150

HPS Magnetic Fill / Drain Plugs an effective solution to keep small metal particles from circulating in your drivetrain. In the event of a catastrophic gearbox failure, it can drastically minimize damage and keep repair costs down. It features a 5000g neodymium rare earth magnet that can hold up to 2 pounds. The bolt itself is made from 304 stainless steel making it extremely durable and corrosion resistant.

Key Features
– Keep unwanted metal debris from circulating in your drivetrain system and protect it from irreversible wear.
– CNC machined 304 Stainless steel bolt
– Includes copper crush washer
– 5000g Neodymium magnet holds up to 2lbs
– Product Type: Automotive Accessories
– Material: Stainless Steel
– Weight: 8 oz
– Shipping Box Dimension: 4 inch x 4 inch x 4 inch



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