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Ignition Plug Wires – ULTRA, 93-95, Street

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93-95 RX-7

We offer ULTRA Ignition Wire sets for both street and race-application 1993-95 Twin Turbo RX-7 chassis. The Street Wire Set combines excellent radio noise suppression (5k Ohm resistance) with peak ignition performance, while the Race Wire Set provides lower resistance (0k Ohm) for peak sparkplug voltage, but, typically, increased substantial radio interference.

Access to the stock 1993-95 RX-7 wires is very limited. Installation of these wires requires basic mechanical skills and can be completed by following the supplied step-by-step installation instructions.

Installation Instructions


To obtain reasonable horsepower gains while curbing radio interference from your ignition system, we recommend the use of resistor spark plugs with our ULTRA 8mm Street Ignition Wires. To obtain maximum power gains from our ULTRA 8mm Race Ignition Wires, we recommend the use of non-resistor spark plugs.

Each wire set is assembled “in-house” by Racing Beat technicians using the high quality ULTRA ignition components. Produced in Japan, these components are hand-assembled for each specific application that we offer. Each set is assembled and tested to ensure correct resistance prior to final packaging. This custom assembly process provides complete control over the entire assembly procedure.




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