Race Flywheel for 7.25″ Clutch Turbo Diameter
Works on RX8

SKU: 02-9207-725TB

Our racing flywheels are the lightest ones we know of – they are specially made for us.

They are made from billet MIL-spec 6061 aluminum and hard anodized to MIL specs.

This one is for 7.25″ diameter racing clutches. The clutches we sell are double disc. These flywheels are also used with single disc or triple disc clutches. Flywheel is 12 1/2″ diameter, 125 tooth, and weighs 4.40 pounds with the friction plate. Does not include the rear counterweight. Hardware to mount flywheel to counterweight (#95179) and clutch to flywheel are not included and available separately. Replacement friction surfaces also available.

These are NOT suitable for street driving — serious racing only, specifically road racing.

Bellhousing and starter are what actually determine the diameter of flywheel needed – it is best to measure yours.



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