Racing Beat Revi Air Intake System RX8 04-11 

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Racing Beat offers their extremely popular REVi RX-8 Intake System for all 2004-2011 RX-8 applications. Designed to offer performance improvements without sacrificing driveability, the Racing Beat intake system is the final result of hundreds of hours of dyno test sessions and on-road testing. This RX-8 Intake kit is CARB exempt and emissions legal for use on public highways.

The major components of the REVi RX-8 Intake System include: an OEM style air box assembly, custom-designed K&N air filter unit, aluminum mass air flow sensor tube, and a tuned-length air inlet horn. Unlike many of the aftermarket intake systems on the market, the Racing Beat intake system retains one of the important mesh screens to aid with the even distribution of airflow across the mass air sensor. The inclusion of this screen minimizes the possibility of “rough idle” issues that may occur if both stock screens are eliminated.

Working with the design team at K&N Engineering, a high capacity air filter was developed that allowed Racing Beat to position a tuned-length intake horn inside the filter body. This filter design allowed them to fine-tune the length of the air horn to maximize the performance potential. They have noted that many aftermarket intake systems for the RX-8 incorporate a large air filter, which is then connected to the intake manifold with a length of plastic or metal tubing. In many cases, the size of the filter that has been selected will dictate the length of tubing required, severely limiting the critical tuning importance of the air intake tube!

Racing Beat also offers their Ram Air Duct that converts your intake into a true “cold air” system. The inlet of this duct is positioned in the mouth opening of the RX-8 and funnels cooler ambient air directly into the REVi Intake chamber. Simplify your installation efforts by installing both the REVi Intake and the Ram Air Duct at the same time!

The REVi intake system addresses one of the most common complaints that we hear regarding aftermarket intakes for the RX-8 – extremely loud intake noise! Although a simple unshielded “tube-and-filter” intake system may produce respectable top end power, the noise levels that are produced are unbearably loud. During initial testing with one of the more popular aftermarket RX-8 intake kits, RB recorded a full-throttle sound level reading of over 90 db inside the car, with the windows rolled up! Compared to the stock sound level, they believe that you will soon tire of this type of “rocket-racer” intake buzz. The RX-8 REVi intake produces a much more modest intake sound with only a 2-3 db increase over the stock system. As described on by one of the prototype test volunteers, “The REVi intake is definitely louder than the factory unit, but not unreasonably so. It actually sounds deep and pretty darn good.”

Notes: The original MAF sensor is retained for use with this intake, a replacement is not supplied with this kit.

Racing Beat Production Notes: As of January 1, 2010, due to inconsistencies in the blue anodizing processes previously utilized, the aluminum mass air flow sensor tube is now provided with a clear (silver) anodizing surface treatment. As of 4/2014, the hose clamps provided with the kit are K&N-supplied worm-style clamps. Actual components in this kit may vary from the photos shown.




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