Racing Beat Air Duct RX8, 09-11 Ram Air REVI

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Racing Beat offers our Ram Air Duct for use with the Racing Beat REVi Intake Kit for use on the 2009-11 RX-8. The inlet of this duct is positioned in the mouth opening of the Mazda RX-8 to allow cooler ambient air to be force-fed directly into the REVi intake tract, converting your intake into a true “cold-air” intake system!

Designed by Racing Beat, this high-density polyethylene intake duct mounts under the nose of your RX-8 and directs air into the inlet of the REVi Intake Kit. This duct can also be used with the stock intake box or aftermarket intake kits to direct cooler air into the engine compartment.

The installation of this duct requires the removal of the nose from the RX-8 and can easily be undertaken by 1-2 people in about an hour. Fully detailed instructions, with numerous photos included, will guide you through the installation process. Although this process might sound rather challenging, the process is relatively straightforward and can be undertaken using only simple hand-tools.



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