Racing Beat Dual Exhaust System, 86-88 6 Port Non Turbo Manual Transmission

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Racing Beat offers the complete Full Stainless Steel Road Race RX-7 Exhaust System for the 1986-88 RX-7. This completely Stainless Steel RX-7 exhaust system is intended for use on RX-7 applications running under the extremes of road racing, drag racing, or any high performance, high RPM application. The Racing Beat Full Stainless Steel RX-7 dual exhaust system has been designed to maximize the exhaust gas scavenging benefits while maintaining reasonable sound level outputs.

NOTE: This exhaust system is not compatible with automatic transmission equipped-vehicles due to interference issues with the bell housing.

The following is included in this RX-7 exhaust system:

1986-88 RX-7 Road Race Header
The Racing Beat Road Race Header for the 1986-88 13B 6-Port chassis features stainless steel construction for excellent durability. Also incorporated with this header is the requisite exhaust back-pressure pickup tube, necessary to assure the correct operation of the 6-port intake actuators mounted on the engine. (If you have removed these intake actuators or have rendered them inoperable, you can install the 1989-92 Road Race system instead.)

Road Race Presilencer
Mating to the outlet of the header is the Racing Beat Road Race Presilencer. The straight-through dual presilencer unit offers beneficial sound reducing qualities by trapping a significant level of the harsh rotary exhaust note.

Road Race Y-Pipe
The Racing Beat Y-Pipe section routes the exhaust gases exiting the presilencer section to each of the Power Pulse muffler units.

Road Race Mufflers (Left and Right Pair)
Sharing the same design technology as our Power Pulse muffler units, the Road Race mufflers (Left and Right) feature all stainless steel construction for superior durability and appearance. Large diameter tubing routes the exhaust gas through each muffler unit, exiting through polished stainless steel tips.



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