Racing Beat Dual Exhaust System, 84-85 13B 6 Port (using a carburetor)

SKU: 16424

Our Racing Beat-designed, “Long Primary” Street Port Complete RX-7 Exhaust System is designed for any 1979-85 RX-7 with a 13B street-ported engine. Designed specifically to optimize the performance benefit of a ported rotary engine, this RX-7 exhaust system will provide the maximum power output possible from an aftermarket RX-7 exhaust system. While louder than the stock system, the dual resonated center section offers maximum exhaust gas flow and scavenging while reducing sound output to a modest level.

Offered as a packaged set, this kit consists of a Road Race Header, the Street Port Center Section (for a 13B 6-Port engine), and a high flow Power Pulse Main muffler.

The Long Primary system typically adds 5% or more horsepower over a standard Short Primary system on a street ported engine, especially at higher RPMs. This system can also be used on non-ported engines with good results. It is strictly bolt-on, with no welding required. These complete “bolt-on” systems come complete with all required mounting hardware and gaskets. The center section for this application includes an exhaust backpressure pickup for to allow the correct operation of the 6-Port intake actuators. Since this is intended for racing applications, there is no provision for an oxygen sensor on this system.



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