Racing Beat Exhaust Pre-Silencer, 84-85 13B 6-Port

SKU: 16402

The Racing Beat Power Pulse Presilencer for the 1984-85 RX-7 GSL-SE (13B 6-Port engine is designed to be used with our wide selection of RX-7 Streetable Headers to complete a bolt-on configuration. When used along with a Racing Beat header, this presilencer will connect the header to the connecting pipe section, offering a true bolt-on configuration. These Power Pulse Presilencers are also ideal for those individuals wanting to fabricate custom exhaust systems incorporating either long or short primary exhaust systems. This presilencer unit is equipped with an exhaust gas back-pressure pickup tube to allow for the correct operation of the 6-Port intake actuator valves.

The Power Pulse Presilencer improves the character of the exhaust noise, dramatically reducing the inherent, obnoxious metallic high frequency noise with virtually no power loss. Constructed with a high temperature, 2-inch I.D. perforated core of 304 stainless steel wrapped with high-temperature stainless steel wool, the Power Pulse Presilencer measures 20 inches in length with a 4-inch outside diameter. The mounting hanger (if provided) has been designed to mount this presilencer to the specific application listed above. The mounting studs are 10mm both front and rear.



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