Racing Beat Exhaust Pre-Silencer, 79-80 4-Port

SKU: 16404

The Racing Beat Mini Power Pulse Presilencer is designed specifically to replace the Heat Exchanger on 1979-1980 RX-7s to either provide a quieter exhaust with a more pleasant character or because the original Heat Exchanger has failed. This presilencer is 10.625 inches long and 4-inches in outside diameter. The inside diameter, 2 inches, is a straight-through perforated-core design. The end caps are .375-inch thick and fitted with 12mm studs. The inlet end mates to the Heat Exchanger flange at the rear of our header, while the outlet end mates to a catalytic converter flange. Inside, the perforated core is made of stainless steel and is packed with stainless steel wool.

This small presilencer is also ideal for use in the design of a custom exhaust system when space concerns does allow the placement of a longer presilencer. Multiple units can be installed in sequence as need to meet your sound level needs.



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