Racing Beat 13B Exhaust Header, 89-92 With 6 Port Actuation and O2 sensor fitting.

SKU: 16129

Road Race Header (w/ oxygen sensor position for use on a 1989-92 RX-7 13B) – This model Road Race Header that we offer is intended to bolt-up to the Road Race Presilencer section. Please note: this header is not compatible with the Street Port Center Section that we offer for the earlier 1984-85 RX-7 GSL-SE – only with the Road Race Presilencer section referenced above.  This header is not compatible with the 1988-92 RX-7 convertible chassis equipped with the automatic transmission:  the header outlet will make contact with the transmission case.

Racing Beat’s Road Racing Header is the first step in building a serious racing exhaust system. The engine-to-pipe flange is laser cut from 7/16″ thick flat steel for superb exhaust gas sealing qualities. Like all of the headers we manufacture, the Road Racing Header is constructed with 2″ OD mild steel tubing, .120″ wall thickness, and mandrel-bent tubing throughout. This header weighs approximately 15.5 lbs and is approximately 28″ in length.

On the 1986-88 13B 6-Port engines, the auxiliary intake actuators are operated by backpressure from the exhaust system. On the later 1989-92 13B 6-Port engines, these actuators are operated by air pressure from the emissions control air pump. Installation of this header does NOT require the removal of the air pump, and therefore the operation of the 6-port actuators are not affected. Included on the header is an oxygen sensor position for cars that require an oxygen sensor for correct operation.

Outlet flange gaskets, bolts, nuts, and installation instructions are included. An Engine-to-Header gasket is not included, but is available separately if needed.



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