Racing Beat Exhaust Header 13B, 74-78 Dual Outlet

SKU: 16003

1974-1978 13B Road Racing Header is ideal for RX-2, RX-3, RX-4, and COSMO (does not fit rotary pickup) – Racing Beat’s Road Racing Header is the first step in building a serious racing exhaust system. The engine-to-pipe flange is flame cut from .4375-inch thick flat steel. Like all of the headers they manufacture, the Road Racing Header is constructed with 2-inch O.D. mild steel tubing, .125-inch inch wall thickness, and mandrel-bends throughout.

Outlet flange gaskets, bolts, and nuts are included. Engine-to-pipe gaskets are not included, but are available separately. An Air Control and Check Valve Cover Plate is required when using this header with a stock intake system. The Road Race Header can also be used as the basis for a custom streetable exhaust system in any car from 1971-92 which allows simple swapping between street and race exhaust systems.




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