Exhaust Down Pipe for 86-92 RX7 Convertibles 2 1/2″

Racing Beat Down Pipe for 86-92 RX7 Convertibles 2 1/2″

SKU: S16209

This Down Pipe is available for use in a 1988-92 RX-7 Convertible application. This 2.5″ OD Down Pipe bolts directly to the stock exhaust manifold and eliminates all catalytic converters, but the use of our presilencer (or a suitable replacement) is required to connect this assembly to the Y-pipe section. If you need to retain a catalytic converter in your exhaust system, you may find a suitable unit offered in the aftermarket. Although the replacement of your stock catalytic converters with a single aftermarket unit is technically NOT legal, this approach may suit your emissions needs. We suggest you contact your local emissions testing facility for more information. Gaskets sold separately.



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