Engine Stud Kit 13B, Oversize


The High Strength Oversized stud kits eliminate the need for doweling the engine block on high boost race engines. All studs act as dowels which massively increases torsionial strength by over 70%. Rotor housing deflection is reduced and apex seal life increases. Less material is machined from the housings and plates than with doweling, reducing the possibility of cracking. High boost engine expansion is reduced. Studs are less prone to stretching under high boost applications than bolts, and they maintain torque more accurately than bolts. High quality 12-point nuts rated at 180,000 PSI tensile strength. Studs manufactured from 4140 chrome moly, heat treated, centreless ground and black oxided. Engine must be accurately drilled, reamed and tapped to give 0.2mm clearance. Includes 16 studs, nuts and sealing washers. Does NOT include/need the two at the bottom of the “legs” closest to the oil pan.

*Note: The standard factory manual flywheel cannot be used with the Stud Kit.



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