New Aftermarket Aluminum Driveshaft for 04-11 RX8 (11.9 lbs)

Fits Manual Transmission cars only!

SKU: 3191-708A

We have been testing these aluminum driveshafts in a 450hp drift car for years with excellent results.
We are very confident in the strength of this shaft!


1 review for DRIVESHAFT ALUMINUM, 04-11 RX8

  1. Nate Johnson

    Awesome Product!! Seemed like a no brainer for me considering i plan to always keep my rx8. rebuild-able joints is the way to go. Verified all Run outs my self and were to spec. Definitely lighter and also feels like an upgrade. Has a more direct feel and also notably lighter when under load. Made a post on Purely rx8 group and almost everyone was hesitant ha ha shout out to Kyle Mohan for recommending this to me via FB that is what sold me on an absolute yes. No Regrets!

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