KAAZ Limited Slip Differential, 1.5 Way, 84-92 Non Turbo

SKU: DBZ1810

The 1.5 Way LSD  is ideal for road racing because under deceleration the diff does not lock up as aggressively, allowing for more control and traction going into turns. The 2 Way LSD is ideal for drifting because under deceleration the diff does lock up, allowing for better control when sliding. Kaaz diffs are known for their consistancy and quality. Kaaz LSDs are considered to be far superior to stock LSDs and are widely used in racing and drifting circuits.

Driving styles differ greatly. This is a general definition; there are certainly instances where these definitions will cross over.

Note- If you have an 89-92 RX7, please let us know if your original diff was open or Limited Slip.




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