Racing Beat Race Clutch Disc, 86-11 Turbo + RX8

SKU: 12524

The 6-Puck, Solid Hub 240mm Race Clutch Disc for the 1987-95 RX-7 TURBO & RX-8 is designed for drag and road race use. The disc incorporates six (6) sintered copper pucks and a solid hub for quick, positive engagement, greater fatigue resistance and improved heat dissipation. The sharpened engagement/disengagement characteristics of this disc require careful driver attention – this disc is not intended for street use.
As with all of our clutch products, it is built only from new parts.

Time Saving Tip: We strongly recommend replacing the throw-out bearing during any clutch work to ensure trouble free performance. Also, we recommend replacing the transmission front and rear seal kit when re-installing the transmission to reduce the possibility of leakage.

WARNING: None of the Flywheel or Clutch components shown in this catalog should ever be allowed to exceed 10,500 RPM under any condition. This same RPM limit applies to stock components. You must use an engine RPM-limiter to prevent excessive RPM. If your rotary engine is capable of exceeding 8,500 RPM (or 9,000 RPM for the RX-8 Renesis engine) you must install a transmission scatter shield, or ballistic blanket. Failure to implement the above may result in serious injury or even death.



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