Holley All Turbo II 13B Street Port engines 87-92 (uses 600cfm carb.) For normally aspirated use, not designed for use with a turbo charger.

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We offer the extremely popular Racing Beat-modified High Performance Holley Intake System Kit for the 1987-91 RX-7 TURBO II 13B rotary engine configured without a turbocharger and ported with our street port intake/exhaust configuration.  This kit, when installed on the 1987-91 TURBO II engine, utilizing the Racing Beat Street Port intake/exhaust templates and the Racing Beat “True Dual” Road Race exhaust system, is capable of producing 230 HP at 8700 rpm, normally aspirated!

This Racing Beat-modified Holley kit is ideal for those requiring “streetable” driving characteristics.  Additionally, this kit includes a cold start choke feature; a float bowl connection for a mechanical Metering Oil Pump; and great top end power!  We recommend the Mallory 4070M internally regulated pump (6 psi) for use with this kit, or you may source an equivalent unit locally (the MAZDA OEM fuel injection fuel pump should not be used with this kit).   

Performance Features
The engine prepared by Racing Beat, in developing this kit, included the 1989-91 Non-Turbo Rotors, with the higher 9.7:1 compression ratio; however, there is little difference in peak horsepower between the lower compression Turbo II rotors and the higher compression Non Turbo Rotors.  The use of the TURBO II rotors, and 1 to 2 degrees more advance, would give nearly the same horsepower output.  Furthermore, we installed the 1981-85 electronic distributor and coils to dramatically simplify  the ignition operation.  Because the development engine was assembled with the Mazda OEM apex seals, we deliberately limited the engine to 8800 rpm.  With the installation of either carbon or ceramic apex seals, race-clearanced and snap-ringed rotors, and increased bearing clearances, the engine would be capable of running up to 9300 rpm safely and still making excellent power at this level.  

One of most significant benefits of our complete ready-to-go kit is that is takes all the guesswork, trial-and-error, and frustration out of attempting to assemble, let alone tune, your own intake kit! We’ve taken over 40 years of our rotary engine experience and know-how and combined it for you in this complete, ready-to-install kit. Our intake kit has been thoroughly developed and tested using our in-house engine dyno to ensure maximum performance for each specific engine application.

Complete Kit
The heart of every RX-7 Holley intake kit is a Racing Beat-modified, performance-proven Holley 600 CFM Double-Pumper carburetor.  We start with brand new Holley carburetor bodies that are disassembled by Racing Beat’s carburetor technicians and extensively modified in-house for use with a designated rotary engine application. This process is not a simple “re-jetting” project, but rather a complex series of steps requiring machining, drilling, and reconfiguring of the carburetor body itself as well as the primary and secondary metering bodies, adjustment of the float bowls, and complete replacement and/or re-drilling of all jets.

Every RX-7 Holley intake kit includes a Racing Beat cast-aluminum high-rise intake manifold with a vacuum source for power brakes, a Racing Beat-modified Holley carburetor, foam air cleaner, and canister assembly, throttle and metering oil pump linkages, and appropriate gaskets. All emissions control fittings are eliminated.



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