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Carbon Apex Seal, 13B 2mm 86-On rotors
Recommended for racing engines and those that will be used above about 8k rpm. The stock steel seals begin to “float” above that rpm.

SKU: 11011

These seals have been DISCONTINUED by the manufacturer.

Racing Beat’s 1986-92 13B Non-Turbo (2mm) Carbon Race Apex Seals are specifically designed to replace the stock cast iron apex seals in rotary engines operating near, or above, 8,500 RPM. These aluminum-filled carbon apex seals are a one-piece design, 2mm in thickness, and must be used only with our special Race Apex Seal Springs. We do not believe these seals are appropriate for turbocharged applications because of their fragile nature if subject to detonation.

We do not recommend the use of 3mm apex seals in the 1986-92 Non-Turbo 13B rotor. If you are experiencing apex seal failure, the probable cause is detonation.

Price is for one (1) seal. Three (3) required per rotor.



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