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APEXi Power FC, With Commander

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SKU: 414BZ004

APEXi Power FC 414-BZ004 Standalone ECU Engine Management Mazda RX-7 FD3S (Ver. I-III) 93-95 13B-REW

Apexi’s Power FC is the industry’s solution for tuners who require an entry level ECU standalone at an affordable price.  The Power FC is a full standalone computer with complete engine management and control capable of handling virtually any type of engine setup.

The Power FC unit is designed to be plug and play – installation is literally a matter of replacing your factory ECU with this unit.  No re-wiring or cutting wires is required.

In Monitor Mode, the Commander can display up to 10 parameters of data in real time: Engine RPM / Ignition Timing / Vehicle Speed / Air Flow Voltage (Pressure Sensor Voltage) / Injector Duty Cycle / Boost / Knocking Level / Battery Voltage / Intake Air Temp.

Setting Mode allows full access to the 20×20 ignition timing and fuel correction maps. The user can adjust any portion of this map in 5C 5 sections using the FC Commander Hand-held controller. Full 20×20 map resolution can be seen using the FC Commander.

The ETC Menu contains utility parameters such as: Version information / Sensor Check / Function Select / OLED screen Brightness / Initialization of all Data. In addition, the ETC Mode allows the user to monitor all factory sensors through one sc.




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