Intake Adapter Manifold, 6-Port FC To Renesis

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Racing Beat offers the RX-8 Renesis Engine Carburetor/Manifold Adaptor Plate for the 2004-2011 RX-8 Renesis (Six Port Intake – High Power) Engine.

The Carburetor/Manifold Adapter Plate is intended to adapt the Racing Beat-manufactured 1986-1992 Six Port Holley and Weber Downdraft Manifolds to the 2004-11 RX-8 Renesis Engine.

Installation Notes
As delivered, the adapter plate has been ported to match the Renesis engine with the 6-port intake acutator sleeves removed and not utilized.

Adaptor-to-Engine Gasket
The Mazda OEM RX-8 Renesis engine-to-intake multi-layer manifold gasket is utilized with the adapter plate; however, the gasket must be modified by drilling out the rivets that secure the multi-layer gasket – retaining only the two (2) gasket layers that are positioned nearest the engine block. This modified OE gasket then becomes the new adaptor-to-engine gasket.

Adaptor-to-Intake Manifold Gasket
The Mazda OEM 1986-92 multi-layer gasket is utilized between the adapter plate and your choice of Racing Beat 6-Port intake manifolds.

If you are incorporating a Racing Beat Intake Manifold with the RX-8 Renesis Engine Carburetor/Manifold Adaptor Plate, please note that the Racing Beat Intake manifold will require a minor machining process to provide clearance for the exhaust Air Injection Passageway plumbing on the exhaust manifold.

We also offer the Fuel Injection Plug Kit to simplify the elimination of the fuel injectors in the intermediate housing.



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