We have made many of these over many years. Easiest way to make a “custom” 2-into-1 collector to fit any of the 2-Outlet Headers we sell (made by Racing Beat).

VERY easy to incorporate 2.5″, 3″ outlet tubing – or even bigger. Also VERY easy to “build in” angle / alignment changes. The one we built in these pictures was to get the collector and presilencer UP for more ground clearance, and move the presilencer more toward the center of the car.

Starting with collector #16004 and flange #16197
“Smash” end of whatever size / length of outlet tubing you are going to use in a vise. Better to do it in stages – meaning bend / fit / bend etc to get the best fit onto the collector
Test fit it
The better the fit you make it the better / easier the welding will be
Mark and cut the collector. Try to add a little “angle” the the cut to compensate for the “V” from the bent pipe. Also remember to do numerous fittings to the car to adjust angles etc.
Cut / fit / align the two-hole flange at the front of the pipes.
Do a GOOD test fit to the car with all the pieces “tack welded” together — that way you can re-do easily anything that isn’t right
Weld it all together and you are done — except now you need to build the REST of the exhaust
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