Be sure to review our video and read all the steps before removing your flywheel. Improper tools and techniques may cause damage to your flywheel (or to yourself).

To remove the flywheel, you must first remove the flywheel nut. If you do not have a 2 1/8″ socket and impact gun available, you will probably need to purchase the Flywheel Nut Wrench (49-22000) and Flywheel Stopper (49-2201). 
Once you have removed the flywheel nut, put it back on by hand, about one or two turns. This will prevent the flywheel from falling on your toe when it comes off.
Use a hammer to “shock” the flywheel off. The best types of hammer to use are: 
1. Copper 
2. Lead 
3. Brass
A steel hammer will get the flywheel off, but can damage the flywheel VERY easily — and you have to be VERY careful where you hit.
Types of hammer that will not work: 
1. Rubber, plastic, wood, etc.
2. Sand filled or “dead blow” hammers
Hit the flywheel on the flat spot, between the threaded bolt holes and the dowel pins. Hitting anywhere else may cause damage to the flywheel. Do not hit the ring gear, do not hit on the friction surface.

Click Here to view our flywheel removal video.


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