If you have an 86-92 non-turbo engine, please refer to our:
Porting 6-Port Exhaust (why not to) FAQ

 Exhaust Template  Exhaust Templates are available in our Tools Section. They come with the actual port shape scribed on them. You have to cut/grind the port into the template, following the scribed lines.
  Various Exhaust Templates These are two examples of exhaust templates we use.
  Dykem Port We prefer using Dykem Layout Fluid to allow scribing the port onto the rotor housing. The jars we sell (in the Tools Section) come with a brush in the cap.
 Alignment Marks By using a straight edge across the dowels, you make a mark on the rotor housing to line up the bottom of the exhaust template.
  Scribing Port The port is scribed onto the rotor housing. Note that the template is aligned on the small mark made on the side from the step above.
Halfway done This is about halfway through the porting process
 Finished Port  This is a shot of a finished 12A exhaust port, from the manifold side.
  Finished Port Here is the same 12A “street port” from the rotor side.
 Finished vs Original  This is a comparison of the finished port on the left, with an unmodified one on the right.
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