More images will be added periodically as we have time, and need to do them.

Center Housing This center housing is an 86-88 Turbo that we cut away to check the casting thickness around the port. It shows quite well why there is not much porting that can be done on these housings.
The 6-port 84-92 engines have a very similar casting around the port. A close-up is shown below.
Close-up of port casting This is a close-up example of the casting around the center intake ports for all 13B’s 84-92. The top (intake closing) can NOT be ported much before you break into the water jacket (or EGR passages on the 86-88 non-turbos).
Water Passages A rear side housing we had turned down on a lathe. Interesting view of the internal water passages and “fins” that direct the water flow.
Red painted area is where the water is, blue is outside, and the silver metal area is the casting.
Rotor Cutaway Just an interesting shot of the inside of a rotor. This one is an 86-88 2mm apex seal rotor.
Rotor Cutaway This one shows how deep the rotor oil cooling cavaties go inside the rotors.
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