• Here is a link to an archived version of our old website. This is for all our customers that love our old site. You won’t be able to search or order parts on this version. But you will be able to find part numbers to transfer over to the new site. http://web.archive.org/web/20160618223706/http://mazdatrix.com/

  • This is the amount of hose we have found to be needed for a complete hose change in your car. 79-85 3.5mm 10ft 79-85 6.0mm 6ft 84-85 GSLSE 3.5mm 20ft 84-85GSLSE 6.0mm 4ft 86-92 3.5mm 13ft 86-92 6.0mm 6ft 93-95 3.5mm 20ft 93-95 6.0mm 8ft Part Numbers: (specify color,sold by the foot) 3.5mm is #VACHOSE-3.5-STD […]

  • Differentials The accompanying Interchange Chart, and Gear Ratio Chart, show the stock ratios available and possible swaps. The keys to interchange are driveshaft flange, axle spline (with outer wheel bearing diameter), and inner CV joint bolt pattern (for 86-92). For 79-85 entire axle assembly swaps, be sure not to mix drums, shoes, brake backing plates […]

  • A B C 40-061F-N3A1 40-0610-FE20 40-061A-N3A2 A B C D 40-0610-1114 40-060B-N326 40-060B-N328 40-1600-1114 A B C D 40-1600-1114 NLA – USE A NLA – USE A 40-0610-1114 A B C1 81-82 MODELS C2 83 MODEL 40-1600-1114 40-0610-1114 NLA NLA

  • It is strongly recommended you read the following discussion on how flywheels and clutches actually affect the way the car feels and reacts to driver input. Please be sure you are ordering the type of flywheel, pressure plate, and disc combo that applies to your needs and driving style. Flywheels and Clutches   FLYWHEELS: The […]

  • Hawk Brake Pads Blue Compound Medium/High Torque compound. Low pad wear with good brake modulation. #1 selling pad material for SCCA. Temp Range 250F-1000F. Please see note below. HP Plus Compound HP Plus can take the heat at the track and get you home safely without having to change your brake pads in and out. […]

  • We have made many of these over many years. Easiest way to make a “custom” 2-into-1 collector to fit any of the 2-Outlet Headers we sell (made by Racing Beat). VERY easy to incorporate 2.5″, 3″ outlet tubing – or even bigger. Also VERY easy to “build in” angle / alignment changes. The one we […]

  • Dont know which short shifter to buy for your 1st gen transmission? No Problem! The 81-83 transmissions have the “lower bushing” cast into the tower, so it doesn’t use two bushings like all the others. See the pictures below for a comparison. 81-83 with cast bushing in the tower, highlighted with red. All other transmissions […]

  • If the part has an active link you click and go direct to the part / website / shopping cart. For the others please call 562-426-7960 or e-mail Info@Mazdatrix.com and please mention the item you are inquiring about. Back In Stock! 79-83 RX7 Clutch or Brake Pedal Padhttps://mazdatrix.com/product/pedal-pad-79-83-clutch-brake/ HPS Silicone Water Hoses for RX7 and […]

  • Porterfield Brake Pad Compounds R-4 Full Race Compound The R-4 Full Race Compound is designed specifically for heavy-duty motorsports. The carbon based semi-metallic R-4 materials allow the pad to absorb tremendous amounts of heat and dissipate it at very even rate. Carbon Kevlar material warms up to race temperature quickly, which is quite helpful during […]

  • Year / Model Ratio 79-82 3.909 83-84 12A 3.933 84-85 13B GSLSE 4.076 85 12A 3.909 86-88 5-spd All 4.10 86-88 Automatic 3.909 89-92 Turbo 4.10 89-92 non-turbo, non LSD 4.10 89-90 non-turbo, viscous LSD, “GTUs” only 4.30 93-95 w/manual trans 4.10 93-95 w/automatic trans 3.909

  • Please read ALL of this page BEFORE you purchase ANY short shifter. Short shifters CAN sometimes make a very irritating “rattling” noise. Notice we did not specify the Mazdatrix Short Shifters. The “probability” of “rattling” that we have arrived at is about 1 out of 3 cars!! Here are two short excerpts from the RX7 club Internet […]

  • A common misconception of many people are the terms “Hot” spark plug, and “Cold” spark plug. The temperature rating of the plug refers to the running temperature of the physical spark plug – i.e. a “Hot” plug will retain more of the combustion heat in the plug itself, meaning not transfer the heat to the […]

  • This chart is not meant to be complete, or 100% accurate (there are too many variables), but it should give you an idea of what to look for. SYMPTOM Probable Problems / Solution Clutch pedal feels weak/dead. Won’t go into gear easily. Clutch hydraulics. Replace slave and/or master. Possible pressure plate, but be sure of […]

  • This list is what we call “typical” parts needed to install a 48IDA Weber on a Rotary engine. Pick your manifold, choke size, emulsion tubes, jets, etc. — each part is as an “active” link you can click on – goes direct to the part (except the JEGS links at the bottom)- that you can […]

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