Bridge porting just requires a LOT more grinding than street porting. We do the initial cut for the extra port on the mill, but it can be done with a hand drill. You just need enough to get the rotary files in there and start grinding.

These sample images are of a “J Bridge”. As shown in the images, this type of port requires cutting of the water seal “O” rings, due to the porting done on the rotor housing.

Finished “J” Bridge port in the side housing.
Rotor housing set on side housing – note the cuts needed in the rotor housing to expose the extra port.
Somewhat closer view, with light to emphasize the porting. Note how the water seal “O” ring groove has been removed.
Very close view of relationship of rotor housing cut to extra port.
This shot was taken to show how much earlier the intake port is opening. The rotor is rotating counter clockwise in this view. A street port has not even begun to open yet.
With the rotor going counter clockwise, this shows where the rotor is just beginning to close the intake port.
Just a view of what the air/gas mixture is traveling toward.
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