PLEASE – These parts are “generic” used ones from around the shop. Yours will probably be somewhat different – depending on year, model, with or with out flywheel, type of front pulley etc. etc.

Picture of shaft, with parts, and a pair of rotors

Mazdatrix Balance Parts
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Front Parts – Champher Washer, Spacer, Front Counterweight, Chain Drive Gear, Distributer Drive Gear, FRONT KEY, Front Pulley, Front Bolt

Front Parts
Mazdatrix Balance Front Parts
Front Parts
Closeup of Front Parts Showing how they are assembled. Notice front CHAMPHER washer goes on eccentric first.
PLEASE remove that thin thrust washer that is usually stuck inside the front counterweight.

Mazdatrix Balance Front Parts
Closeup of Front
Champher Washer — It is the first part sliding onto the eccentric shaft.
Notice the CHAMPHER that goes against the bevel on the eccentric shaft.

Mazdatrix Front Eccentric Champher Washer
Closeup of Champher Washer
Rear Parts – KEY (Please remember to include) Rear Nut, then Counterweight and / or flywheel.
IF you have a flywheel that BOLTS to your counterweight, and want the flywheel balanced also (~+$25 usually) then PLEASE include the BOLTS that hold the flywheel to the counterweight.

Mazdatrix Balance Rear Parts
Closeup of Rear Parts
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