• It is strongly recommended you read the following discussion on how flywheels and clutches actually affect the way the car feels and reacts to driver input. Please be sure you are ordering the type of flywheel, pressure plate, and disc combo that applies to your needs and driving style. Flywheels and Clutches   FLYWHEELS: The […]

  • Hawk Brake Pads Blue Compound Medium/High Torque compound. Low pad wear with good brake modulation. #1 selling pad material for SCCA. Temp Range 250F-1000F. Please see note below. HP Plus Compound HP Plus can take the heat at the track and get you home safely without having to change your brake pads in and out. […]

  • Porterfield Brake Pad Compounds R-4 Full Race Compound The R-4 Full Race Compound is designed specifically for heavy-duty motorsports. The carbon based semi-metallic R-4 materials allow the pad to absorb tremendous amounts of heat and dissipate it at very even rate. Carbon Kevlar material warms up to race temperature quickly, which is quite helpful during […]

  • A common misconception of many people are the terms “Hot” spark plug, and “Cold” spark plug. The temperature rating of the plug refers to the running temperature of the physical spark plug – i.e. a “Hot” plug will retain more of the combustion heat in the plug itself, meaning not transfer the heat to the […]

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